A Personal Declaration

A Personal Declaration:


I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Thereby, I declare:

  1. Where hatred and xenophobia build a wall, I will come to tear it down, brick by brick. #StopHate #LoveDestroysWalls #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  2. Where Racism and White Supremacy work to divide us, I will repudiate any who claim superiority and cross the divide to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters of different cultural heritages. #BlackLivesMatter #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  3. Where women are denied the sovereignty of their own bodies I will demand equal rights and consideration under the law. I will educate my sons. I will march; I will chain this body, for which there is little regard, to the carriage wheels of injustice so that I can no longer be ignored. #ERANow #StopUnauthorizedPussyGrabbing #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  4. Where greed and colonialism have stained the soul of this nation, I will apologize and work to make it right. I will work to stop current abuses. I will work to heal the wounds of the past. Even a child knows that when you break something you must at the very least clean up and if it is possible you must make reparations. #RevolutionaryUnity #NoDAPL #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  5. Where Muslim neighbors are threatened with registration I will oppose the registry by enlisting all of my white friends and neighbors to also register rendering the exercise unusable. #IAmSpartacus #HumanIsTheOnlyRace #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  6. For LGBTQ friends and neighbors, I will defend your marriages, your right to pee, your right to live full lives of your own choosing free from legal harassment. I will take your hand and invite you into the bathroom. I will witness your wedding. I will support your desire to be a parent. #LoveWins #LGBTQ #WeJustNeedToPee #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  7. For disabled Americans, I will work to eliminate bullying and harassment whilst also working to improve access and public support. #TheBarriersWeFace #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  8. For the Earth, I will acknowledge my part in Climate Change and do whatever it takes to save our habitat. #QuitOil #ColdTurkey #ForTheEarth #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  9. For the children and the teens, I will stop waiting for the old to die to make the change that must come. I will listen to your wisdom. I will learn once again to be truthful in my discourse and to demand truth from those I elect to represent me. I will do everything in my power to leave you a world worth inhabiting. #TheTimeIsNow #ForTheChildren #AllPeopleCreatedEqual
  10. For any who are targeted by hate – if the sights of evil swivel onto you, I will attempt to remove the weapons used against you. If I am not successful in that, I will put myself in the crosshairs. #NeverAgain #AllPeopleCreatedEqual

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