My Baby is Out in the World

My Baby is Out in the World

Creating a book is somewhat like growing a human. Conception is generally fun and full of hope for the future. Gestation is mostly fun, though there can be rough patches – still the anticipation of what the story might become drives the process to successful production of a first draft. Congratulations! You have given birth to a helpless immature piece of writing that will need a huge amount of time and attention (and editing) to grow into a fully realized book.

And after all that work? After the hours of fretting and correcting and encouraging? Just like with a child on the edge of adulthood, the author must let go, send their baby out into the world, and hope the universe treats it kindly.

The book you now hold in your hands is no longer my baby. It is a tale that wishes to make its way in the world, a story that wants to have adventures, a narrative that hopes to confide in you, the reader. I hope I have done a good job raising it, and that it will behave well in company, know when to relax and let its hair down, and understand when to put on Sunday clothes and best manners.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same is true for books. Part of that village is you – the reader, and I am truly grateful to each and every one of you for buying my book and giving it a home.

There is a ton more fun coming in the Sage and Savant universe before the story is done. You can follow our exploits via our website and the monthly podcast episodes. Look for Book Two at Christmas time this year!

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